Environment & sustainability


Mills Glass as a leader in its industry recognises its responsibility to our environment. We have a commitment to minimise the use of water and to recycle wherever possible, to regularly monitor and report emissions and to reduce and safely dispose of any waste that is sent to landfill. Our environment is seen as an important consideration when making decisions.

Mills Glass is continually looking to new ways to recycle, minimise waste and to improve our manufacturing and installation processes and aim for the best possible practices and processes in our production. Staff are encouraged to reduce waste within the workplace and improve the awareness of our suppliers and customers to the importance of purchasing products as a means to reducing the impact on the environment and the community.

Mills Glass works with customers, suppliers and subcontractors to seek the progressive reduction of emissions, effluent, and discharge or waste to the environment. We have implemented an Environmental Protection & Waste Management Program to ensure the correct procedures and guidelines are followed.